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Welcome to Carey College.

No28, Kinsey Road, Colombo 08. Sri Lanka.


To be a dynamic, academic institution for boys that respects diversities and produces balanced, socially responsible, multi-faceted men with the ability to face the challenges of a changing world.



To pursue the highest standards in academic excellence, social integration, personal skills and sporting prowess within a framework of spiritual values and respect for diverse culture and discipline.

When arriving at the busy intersection near the Medical College down Kynsey Road, Colombo 08, there is a gigantic structure that stands proud and grabs the attention of passersby.

‘To God be the glory, great things He hath done’. Carey College is the result of the vision God had to have a vineyard in which the good seed could be planted, from which would emerge good fruit. In the year 1914, the Baptist Missionaries brought this vision to fulfillment and the inception of the school was marked on January 12, 1914.
It was named B.M.S. Boys’ High School. The initial number of students were two boys and three masters. The first Principal Rev. H.J. Charter (B.A., B.D.) put himself whole heartedly to improve the school. He left after 7 years of service and Rev. Spooner (B.D.) succeeded him for 17 years. He gave his best in guiding the destiny of the school. The name of the school was changed to Carey Baptist College. Rev. H.W.Spillet (B.A.,,B.D.) succeeded him. The school celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1939. He served for 6 years and left the college in 1944.

In 1945 Rev. W.M.P.Jayathunga (B.D.) was appointed as Principal. He was the first Ceylonese to be the head of the school. A bold far reaching step was taken when at this time Carey College decided to stay a fee levying private school with the introduction of the free-education system. In 1955, Rev. Dr. W.G.Wickramasinghe (M.A.Oxen, B.D.) an old boy of the school was inducted as the Principal. He was a great builder in every sense of the word and while he made adequate arrangements for the development of the body, mind and spirit. He also planned and put up strong, spacious and enduring buildings for classrooms and laboratories. The Golden Jubilee Celebrations were held in 1964. After 21 years of service he retired. The number on roll was 1600 and 70 staff members.  He was succeeded by Mr. Vernon Weerasinghe. He left the school after 5 years of Principalship. The college then had short term Principals Mr. D.W.W.Jayawardena, Mr. Kenneth de Lanerolle, Mr. Dunstan Fernando, Mr. D.B.Welikala. In 1994, Mr. E.W.Wijesinghe, an experienced Principal and an educationist took the reins of the college with the support of Mr. M.D.A.Kuweju, the Vice-Principal. He improved the standard of the college in every sphere. His 16 years of a glorious era ended in 2009. Dr. Heshan Wickramasuriya served the school for 2 years.
Today the college is guided by Mrs. Hemamali Bibile, the first lady to hold the post of the Principal of the school. She is an experienced Principal, Inspector of schools and a teacher, who had served in government service for 32 years and in schools abroad.
Though the full story of Carey could never be told, it is treasured in the hearts of hundreds of old boys in many walks of life.
The Board of Governors of the school led by the President of the Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya continue to guide and support the school in most matters.

For the 100 years of the history of the College, it has produced very eminent old boys who have gone out into the world as disciplined individuals, nurtured in right values and attitudes and taught to play the game. We cannot boast of a large group of intellectual luminaries shining bright with academic distinction but are proud of those who have proved themselves worthy citizens of this country. The Old Boys’ Union which is the connecting link, not only gives its old boys opportunities of expressing in several practical ways their sense of appreciation of their alma mater but gives the school the opportunity of holding the growing young men within its influence.
Christian hymns and spiritual songs are played through the public address system and each school day ends with a prayer. On Mondays and Wednesdays the school begins with religious observances when all three religious groups meet in different parts of the school.
Today the College community draws its membership from all racial and religious groups and represents every strata of society. All work and play together in perfect harmony. Every child has his rightful place at school and they are taught to value freedom and respect the rights of others.
When it comes to sports and games, the list is long at Carey College. The college has facilities for athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, chess, cricket, football, karate, rugby, swimming, table tennis, Wu-shu, cadetting and has a safety patrol unit, scouting and cub pack. The students are encouraged to participate in all inter-school tournaments and sports competitions. Carey won the All Island B Division Badminton Under 16 Runners up Championship, Third Place in Under 18 Doubles and D Division Under 19 Runners Up Championship organized by Sri Lanka Schools Badminton Association. Today, Carey is at 2nd position in the All Island Division 2 Under 19. Cricket Tournament Captain, Tharaka Dananjaya has scored 1121 runs. Charith Rajapakse has performed extremely well in both batting and bowling. He played in the Sri Lanka Under 19 Cricket Team. This year Carey College plays in Division I at Rugger.
There are societies and clubs such as the General Knowledge Club, English Literary Association, English Oratorical and Debating Society. Senior Sinhala Literary Association, Sinhala Debating Society, Sinhala Dramatic Society, Oriental Music Society, Oriental Dancing, Science Society, Commerce and Arts Society, School Savings Bank, Western Band and College Choir, Information Technology Club, Interact Club, Leo Club, Social Work Unit, Media Unit, Young Managers’ Club and Library Club.
Our extended programme of extra curricular activities has been well received and our students enjoy being actively involved in at least one society of their choice.
The Prefects play the role of maintaining discipline of the students on all occasions both within the college and outside.
As we celebrate the centenary this year we remember the inspiring words of William Carey, ‘Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God’. With God’s grace and the commitment of each and every individual who had been and who is currently attached to Carey College, nothing was and nothing shall ever be impossible for Carey. Let us also dwell on these words of an unknown author who says, “Education should consist of a series of enhancements -each- raising the individual to a higher level of awareness, understanding, and kinship with all living beings”.


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